Suffering terrible denial of symptoms - too scared to carry on trying to get help

Sorry i have posted so much since I joined. I was all set to drop my completed registration forms back off at the new doctors this afternoon, when I was suddenly overcome with such fear i didn’t know what i was doing. Since then I have been ignoring every symptom as if I have imagined it, I can’t seem to gain acceptance of what’s happening to me, even though things are getting really bad. I’m so afraid of being rejected by the new doctor after how i was treated by my current one, equally I find I’m terrified of the possibility of them taking me seriously and it being MS or something worse. I keep telling myself to stop being a wuss and that if it is MS, its only what I’ve been dealing with before, it just has a name but its not helping.

Am I being stupid? Or is this normal?

Jules, this is totally normal. We all carry on our lives in blissful ignorance taking our health for granted. When suddenly something is wrong we just want things to be back to the way they were before. Of course you are not a wuss, you are just trying to cope with what is happening to you! Please try a new GP. They will surely not be as bad as the last one. Please stick with it, you need someone to help you. You’re right, even if they dx MS, it is what you have now anyway. You have forged on so far, please keep going! If you need to talk more please feel free to talk on here, we understand your fears and are always ready to help. Keep going, Teresa xx

Oh you’re not being a wuss at all. I am in kinda the same boat as you too and am waiting for a firm dx of …something! Whatever it is, likely MS, I have it now and am dealing with it but I am also in a state of denial right now because there is still the possibility that it may not be MS. I am still hoping it is just stress-related and it will go away, never to return!

Take your forms to your new GP and take it from there. You can do it :slight_smile:



Never worry about how often you post,you do it because you need to and thats why the forum is here.

You are so stressed about what ifs it is stopping you from addressing what you can influence.

If you are unhappy with your gp then pick up the forms and take them today, in the future you could develop any other condition and if you dont like the way your current gp deals with you now it wouldnt be any better with that,so long term you will be doing yourself a favour.

As to the here and now I doubt there is anyone on here that hasnt done denial.When I saw the ms nurse 2weeks ago to choose DMD it all became very real but now I havent heard anything again it goes back into the might not happen box…thats really good acceptance eh!

The wheels of dx turn unbearably slowly and limbo is a terrible place to be I know,but try to be proactive in changing gp,and after that its just be kind to yourself,keep a record of your symptoms but try not to over obsess with your health. Remember even with a dx you still have to live life to the full.

Take care Pip

Thanks guys, I’m terrified about not being able to get online for a week soon with my dad decorating, he is unplugging the phone, so not net. And our library pcs are always packed out :frowning: This is my only source of support, i don’t know how I’m gonna get through a week without it, guess in the same way ive got through the last year and a half with no support, great difficulty! I am hitching a lift to a wedding with a friend tommorow so im gonna see if she can drop me off right outside the doctors , that way i have no excuse not to go in…

Good for you at least then you will know you have done something positve in trying to make your life better. pm me if you want my mob number so at least you have got someone to txt .