DLA to PIP, does anyone know....


I have read that those of pensionable age, 65, in receipt of DLA, will not be reassessed for PIP but will remain on DLA which must be a massive relief for them. I, however, am in that transitional phase, the five years where pensionable age gradually moves from 60 to 65 for women. I will receive my state pension in January aged 61 and 5 months.

My question is, if anyone has the answer, will this count as ‘being of pensionable age’ despite not being 65, as far as PIP is concerned?

Hoping someone may have the answer! Thanks.


Hi Hilary, I’m in same age group as you and now will get my pension at 64 and a few months. I can’t remember how many months but takes me close to 65. (I’m 60 next year). I assume we will count as ‘pensionable age’ as soon as we can receive our state pension. The difficulty is that they might change the rules for receiving PIP once we reach pensionable age.

I’m not sure if all the rules and regulations have even been worked out yet.

Hopefully someone will have more info. It is worrying. First the ESA worry and then the PIP worry.

Pat x


If you look at http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/personal-independence-payment-faqs.pdf it should explain.


Yes, its a worry isn’t it Pat, and you’re right, who knows what will have changed before we reach the magis age of 65.

Thank you for the information George. It would seem that 65 is the age whether or not you receive the state pension. It was in Saga magazine I read the following… Pip will replace DLA only for people of working age - ie below the age of 65. I think this is contradictory for we ladies between the ages of 60 and 65 who are/will be receiving the state pension - we are not theefore of ‘working age’ yet are also under 65.

Why is nothing straightforward