DLA .....PIP

I have been receiving DLA for around 18 months. I was only awarded it for 2 years. So I knew my renewal was soon and I expected that it would change to PIP. So today the forms turned up for renewal but I was very surprised to find that it is again for DLA. Is this correct? has anyone renewed DLA recently?

It also depends on age I think if 65 you won’t change over to pip at all if your younger I’ve no idea sorry.

I’ve a friend in her fifties and this happened to her too. No explanation was given.

Sarah x


I think it depends on your post code/area, some people are put on PIP (2 Rates/levels) others have the better option of DLA (3 Rates/levels)

They are having problems with their computer/data.

But be prepared next time. PIP will be in your area by the time your re-assessed.

Regards, Andy

It’s geographical. Groups of post codes have different dates for the changeover to PIP. The last group won’t be until October 2015.

If your renewal comes up before your changeover date you will get DLA forms. Unfortunately this won’t prevent you having to go through the PIP process when the time comes even if you only very recently applied for DLA


Ok, thank you for the the information everyone. I was hoping thing time I would be awarded indefinitely but I guess that wont make any difference if I then have to get reassessed fore PIP!

Thanks Again