Hi all,Just got my copy of the doctors report from my home visit,for my DLA appeal,not easy to read but his comments include

substatial impairment in lower legs

balance is poor

gait - ataxic

uses stick and wall for support

slow speed of walking

40m likely distance before severe discomfort of walking

walking very poor

Not easy to read hand writing,from these comments will these be viewed in my favour at my DLA appeal meeting,or will they neg impact on my claim.

Your views are muchh appreciated


The only one that is a negative is "40m likely distance before severe discomfort of walking "


Sounds ok but not for you, when you read these reports it makes you realise just how hard it is to walk around. xxx Good luck.xxxx

Sounds very positive for your dla claim. l had a doctor come to the house to ‘check me out’ - as l had been claiming for some years. l knew they were tightening up on claimants - but was very surprised when they put me on a higher rate as this doctor thought l was far worse then l had originally stated.