DLA unbelievable!

Christmas Eve I received a letter to say that my DLA application had been refused. I telphone them to request a review and also ask that a copy of all the paper work connected to the application be sent to me. When it arrived it included there medical teams assessment.

The opening line states “66 ye old female” in fact I am 46 years old. My date of birth is correct on all paper work.

It goes on to states “ I do note in the clinic letter 09/08/12 that she has been taught self catheterisation.” Being taught something and being able to do this competently are very different, I have problems in my upper limbs particularly my hands as I have constant muscle cramp, spams, pain, twitching, burning and lack of feeling, making it very difficult to achieve without soiling myself. Again the assessor has mentioned this in part 6 Here the” has been taught “has been omitted.

Part 6 it indicates I walk with a stick intermittently, this is incorrect as I stated on the original form I have tried to use a walking stick but I am unable to due to the problems in my upper limbs this being constant muscle cramp, spams, pain, twitching, burning and lack of feeling. If I was physically able to use a walking stick I would constantly, but unfortunately for me this is not an option.

In the last sentence on of part 6 there seems to be a vital word missing, it says “ Overall it is likely that she would experience walking a moderate distance due to lower limb symptoms.” Unfortunately what I would experience has been omitted, so I would ask what the decision maker has based his/her evidence on.

My GP report is fully supportive of me but it would appear there conclusion is because I have taught to self catheter I have reasonable upper limb function and can walk a moderate distances.

What a Joke!


As your report is full of factual errors and omissions it may be a review will be all you need. If not and the decision maker stands by the original decision it will have to be an appeal.

I would recommend joining www.benefitsandwor.co.uk (£20.00 per anum) for helpful appeal guides.

Good Luck


What a crock of sxxxit, indeed!

Oh it gets me so mad, that we are put through all this extra angst we really do not need.


luv Pollx

It seems the government have made a change that may affect your entitlement.


Also in addition to the suggestion above (http://www.benefitsandwor.co.uk/) most MS branches now have an arrangement with the Citizens Advise such they are assisting with appeals against decisions like yours, it may be worth seeking out an opinion from them.

Dear Twist,it looks like somebody started their christmas festivities before they cobbled the report together.Some good advice on here,and heaven forbid you don’t get the right outcome I imagine their are various organisations who would like to see that letter.

Good luck,


Hi A reconsideration by a decision maker may be sufficient due to inaccuracies if you also provide supporting evidence. The changes in david603 reply is with PIP being introduced in April Good luck S4ar


Yes you are right that the link relates to PIP but I think it may also relate to DLA which is why I suggest Citizens Advice or of course the link previously given.

All these benefit claims relate to getting the right box ticked on an entitlement assessment so it is not a question of telling lies it is just a question of telling the truth in the most productive way. Locally Citizens Advise have reversed a lot of decisions, MS is particularly difficult due to things that cannot be seen like fatigue and daily variability.

You are also up against a system with a target to save money.

Hey thanks guys I needed to get that off my chest.

I have written a letter to point these errors out to them. My consultant has now been approached as that is what I asked them to do in the first place! as he knows me better than my GP.

So I will keep you updated.