DLA Appeal & doctor visit

Hi everyone,

I had my dla appeal adjourned recently as they didnt have enough info,so today I had a home visit from a doctor,who did various tests inc eyes,tested my reactions,leg/foot strength.Is this a good thing him visiting me or is this just putting bad news re my appeal.I have ppms and very limited walking and slow speeds.

Anyone else had similar experience as i have been waiting nearly a yr now.


Hi, I had a dr come to my house many years ago to assess me, I thought it was good, I only wanted the mobility component, but they also gave me middle rate care, I don’t believe I would have got this if I hadn’t seen a dr. However this was many years ago and if was maybe easier to claim then. Good luck with your claim. Cheryl:-)


I had dr visit me when I claimed DLA, found it better than going to appointed medical assessment place. As you are in your own home you can show him/her what difficulties you have, either getting in or out of your home, climbing stairs, using loo, in fact everything - turning taps, balance etc.

You will be more relaxed and able to think better rather than under strict test conditions.

Look on Benefits & Works, you might get some idea of what youll have to go through giving you more confidence to deal with it. Good luck.



After various phone calls after my appeal for DLA in 2003 I was advised that a doctor would call to assess me at home. He was very understanding and when I had to take a ‘comfort break’ he told my husband ‘not to worry’. When I returned into the room he then went on to explain more fully what MS meant to the electrical system (or nerves to you and me).

He was right about not worrying and a few days later I received my notice that I had been granted Mid rate care and full rate mobility indefinately. Still waiting to hear what the new PIP system hold for people past working age though, I’ve heard various ideas but I don’t think there has been an announcement to say for certain.

Good luck and try not to worry, Ann