Divorce & MS

Share knowledge about the financial and practical issues about getting divorced with MS. As a MS patient, I’ve recently been enjoying an immersive and interactive experience with our country’s divorce laws. The guiding principle of 50/50 financial splits has been joined by the judicial preference for shared care arrangements concerning children. Add the regulations regarding child maintenance payments and a dose of disability, the immersive aspect of the experience is likely to cause shortness of breath. Please share knowledge on the subject to help others and each other.

In a separation involving two children of ten and twelve and assets of £1.4m I am sad to report that despite countless ramps, designated facilities and the welcome sympathy of everyone from the security guard to the judge, the law makes only the smallest financial allowance for the costs of the condition, and by doing so prevents the disabled parent from performing his parenting role. This obviously isn’t the intention. But it is the legal result. At least it is in all cases where the parents’ previous living arrangements cannot be replicated. In simple terms, any case where the family has insufficient savings to purchase another property similar to the family home. The decades of house price inflation across the country have ensured that ever more divorces fall into this category. Comments welcome.

oh Goodness I am hoping there has been some movement forward into a more positive outcome. My niece who has MS and needs carers to get her in and out of bed is suing for divorce as her husband has been having an affair and told her she better get used to it (and bringing the girlfriend home to his bedroom) My question is. He says she is unable to look after the children 3 teens because of her MS and that he does all the shopping, cleaning (I wish) washing (done by Mum)which is totally untrue! Plus she works 3 days a week as a secondary science GCSE teacher.

What can she do to show she can look after the children? any suggestions welcome ( The MS nurse never visits)