Divorce and Financial Settlement

Hello all.

I am writing on behalf of my mother for who I am a full time carer. She has Secondary Progressive MS and is Wheelchair bound and requires 24/7 care.

She is unfortunately going through pretty brutal divorce from her abusive husband. She had to get court orders to get him out of the house and now he is fighting for half of the house. They both jointly own the house outright.

She is dreading the thought of having to sell her bungalow and not being able to afford to move anywhere afterwards. Have any of you been through something similar and have an idea on how this divorce might go?

Thanks all

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I am sorry that your mother is having such a traumatic time. Nothing else to offer, I’m afraid, but I’m sure that you are a great support to her and I wish you and her well.

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Sorry to hear of your Mother’s worries and difficulties. The MS Society has a help line ( the number is on the website) which might be able to help and similarly, try Citizens Advice Bureau

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So sorry to hear. Although most states are no fault I would make sure her illness and his abuse is made known.

So sorry to hear that she is having such a difficult time. One thing i am sure about - she needs to find herself a good lawyer. She might wanna contact miller and zois customer service and see if they can recommend someone.

As you have said, it is not “her” bungalow as it is owned jointly.

The salient questions will relate to:
How long they have been together?
Any dependents? (for either of them)
Joint assets? (besides the house)
Incomes for each of them?

Since divorces are all no-fault these days, his alleged abuse will not of itself award her a better settlement.
Chances are she will have to sell the property as her ex will have a right to a share. Divorce doesn’t mean she gets the house, continued lifestyle which he pays for, but doesn’t get him! He has a right to a roof over his head too.
He may well be liable for maintenance if he is the higher earner.
He won’t be liable for a carer if she needs one.