discrimination !!!

Just wondering about how best to face this I’m sure you have all had to at sometime or other

whether it is the simple ignorant “you don’t look ill” to the more annoying “if we ignore them enough they will go away”

I’m personally of the opinion that sorry I am here and not going anywhere, but it does wear thin in time. even more so

in the work place from people you have known for years?

Hi Sied ignorant folk will always exist (like cockroaches). even when the world has moved on they will cling to their narrow mindedness. it is upsetting when they include people that you used to get on with. one of the best ideas i had following my diagnosis was to purge my group of friends/acquaintances. if they caused me stress they had to go. self preservation instinct kicking in. and do you know, i have never missed them.

Hi Sied,

It’s horrid when people are, well ,horrid. Carole is very sage in her comment. I wish I could be so calm about it!

Personally,I’ve had many comments that have either been insulting, offensive or just plain ignorant down the years - too many to remember (not that I care to ) but perhaps the diamond of all of these, was ’ Can I catch it’? Since it was a hot day, and I was tired and particularly cranky because of the heat I replied ’ Yes , absolutely. Its worse that Swine Flu. I’ve only got to look you in the eye and you’ll be infected in SECONDS’.

I’ve never seen anyone move so fast away from me in my life.

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oh av!

i once said similar in frustration years ago! nowadays i prefer a different approach-educate one at a time. its up to them if they listen or not and puts me in a better frame of mind because of saying it.

but it did have to desired effect at the time-they soon left my company!


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I encountered one person who, when I was trying to explain, looked at me incredulously in disbelief as if I’d just said a naughty word! She made no comment but just stared at me. Needless to say, she’s off my Christmas card list!

Hi Ellie,

You are absolutely right, it is much better to try and educate and inform where ever possible - its just that, on that particular occasion, I was absolutely at the end of my tether. I haven’t done it since, and nor will I ever to do it again.

( I must admit,though, the look of unadulterated horror on the persons face prior to their sprint off was actually faintly amusing.)


“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

Mark Twain


it does seem very much as i expected we we are all in the same boat? people just don’t know i suppose myself twenty or so years ago would have been the same i just don’t know?

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Yes EXACTLY. I never take any notice of what people say, sometimes for them it is something that just came out wrong at the time. Its like when you ask a blind person, oh isnt the sky lovely today? then you kind of thing what the hell why did I say that. It wasnt through malice.

Life is too short to worry about it, and certainly not going to educate them. If they are just work colleagues well you leave them at work when you go home, if its friends, just tell them straight. A lot of people really dont mean to say foolish things but we all do it.

I dont argue with anyone know. If its on facebook i just put them on the BLOCK step. I told one guy YOU CANT ARGUE WITH CRAZY, and he shut up lol.

dont let it get to you, it will affect your health more then theirs. Steer clear of the worse offenders. xxx

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