Disappointing Neuro Visit

Hi all,

I finally had my neuro visit today, having been referred at the end of October by my GP and I’m feeling very disheartened. He did a physical exam and I listed my symptoms to him, which are:

Muscle spasms (with and without pain)

Muscle twitches (no pain)

Tingly numb patches

Odd areas of goose pimples

Catching right foot on a step or an imaginary bump in the floor

Losing balance

Tightening of ribs on lower right side

Dulling of vision in right eye

These symptoms have been present since I had a UTI in September and prior to this (3 years ago) I had had two episodes of tingly numbness and goose pimples, but this ‘flare’ has been much much worse.

He basically said there was nothing abnormal and that the muscle spasms were probably a peripheral rather than central problem and said I should have Nerve Conduction Tests and blood tests (which my GP has already done - and they were all clear).

I’m a little disappointed as I was hoping to have an MRI, but because I had been given one three years ago for the numbness and it was clear he didn’t think there was any point. Although I pointed out that my symptoms were much worse now.

Any thoughts on whether I’m making a fuss about nothing would be much appreciated.

Thank you.


Not much I can say as I’m progressive but my balance issues caused me to use walking aids and now I’m housebound you could be in a relapse if you do have Ms but it’s hard to say you could ask gp for a 2nd opinion which will mean a 2nd referral to another neurologist.

Hi, I had MRI in 2005 due ti slight numbness which was clear. Then in 2008 I had another episode but much worse. But as MRI in 2005 was clear I didnt. In 2010 started to trip up especially after long walk and so go an MRI in 2011 and one cervical lesion was seen. Have had yearly MRIs since then and no new lesions or episodes except foot drop had gradually go worse. No MS dx as LP was clear.

The thinking is that I have pre-mature age realted neuro degeneration due to radation treatment I had in 1990.

Moyna xxx

You could ask for a second opinion or go private for an MRI.

I also think its worth just asking for what you want. I’ve asked for another MRI as my last one was over a year ago. I’ve had no symptoms but want it for my peace (and state) of mind. My neuro doesn’t think I need one but agreed with my request. They can only say no. The direct approach works best for me.

I am sorry you had a disappointing appt. I had mine today that I waited a year for and he had me in tears within the first couple of minutes. It was awful. <3

Sorry you had a bad time too. I’m going to phone the hospital today and ask that one of his peers or superiors look at the consultation notes as I was not happy with his recommendations.

I think they forget they are dealing with people with feelings. I would definitely do that. :slight_smile: <3