Disappointed with NHS

I had my first attack in February with numbness and tingling in my feet which worked it’s way up to my chest by April. I saw a GP in March who sent an urgent referral to Neurology which got lost in the system so I spent 8 hours in A&E for them to send me home to wait for my referral. Went back to the GP to get another referral which I had to fight for. After crying and begging on the phone they got me a neurology appointment 5 days later.
Went for MRI on spine, called back in for whole of spine and head with contrast within a month. Alarm bells went off then!
Had a lumbar puncture but they lost some of my samples! Not having another if they can lose spinal fluid!
All the GP’s and neurologist suspected Guillaume Barre Syndrome (very rare condition) and a month ago the neurologist said he was 90% sure I had MS. I have lesions on my brain and spine.
Still having a few symptoms but seems to be in remission for now and got another appointment with neurology late September.
I have spongey feeling feet, MS hug, twitching finger, back pain, shoulder pain, balance and coordination a bit dodgy, cramp in my toes.
Not been offered any treatment yet. I’m 56 years old and always blamed the menopause for any symptoms I had over the last few years. Quite a few symptoms overlap.
Google suggests Late Onset MS progresses rapidly so just going to do as much as I can while I’m still able to.
Haven’t told many people about my diagnosis as I’m self employed so daren’t tell my clients therefore it’s quite a lonely time.
Thanks for reading.

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Just to say hi.

I was told I have ms last dec.

Hust stared treatment this june

I am 58, feeling ok. Slightly numb face.

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