Disability discrimination advice please

Dear folks,

I am disabled and stuck indoors mostly but I do run a lost and found pets group. I’ve got together with another bigger group in the wider area and we developed a cat rescue group. Hubby has been doing cat rescue for years and has all the kit and so it was an easy thing to set up. I became group treasurer and secretary at the first meeting. Now, the other partner doesn’t want me being secretary because I’ve got epilepsy. We argued yesterday and she is adamant it’s too risky in case I have an seizure while talking to people or writing to them on messenger and I do or say something without knowing it. She’s Ok with me being treasurer.

As we are a small non profit organisation does the equalities act apply to us? We want it to become a charity and it will certainly apply if that ever happens but can I throw that at her at the moment?

Thank you Mittens (Flo)

Hi Flo

I really don’t know the legalities.

However you certainly know and love your cats.

Their loss.

Carole x

I threw the equalities act at her yesterday anyway and she aplogised.

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