Can I be a charity trustee

I am on non means tested benefits only. I cannot work due to lack of function on my right side and epilepsy which causes absence seizures.

I have been asked to become a trustee of a small local charity. I could do this as the charity activity is minimal from my point of view of I take it on. There’s nothing much involved really, just being treasurer and holding the bank account and buying stuff they need, which isn’t much.

Am I allowed to do this? It really would give me something meaningful to do.


Yes; you certainly are; in fact, it would be discriminatory to exclude you, how are they going to do it!

There is a little group of people in my village who help with neutering pets and catching stray cats. They look for missing animals and small things but they do help a lot of cats. They have a bank account and want to start fundraising so they are going to see if they can register as a charitable foundation to get the tax advantages.

They need a group of trustees. I’m already treasurer but that’s OK as it’s not official. But I’m on benefits, non means tested, my concern is not am I allowed but what will be the DWP’s view. If I do that will I be viewed as working?

I meant to post anonymously but accidentally didn’t - oh well, the DWP’s spies know now.