dirty wheels

I was feeling too wobbly to get to the shed for my mobility scooter this morning so I decided to take the dog for a walk in my wheelchair. When I got back I discovered that I had driven through some dog sh*t and I ended up getting it all over my living room carpet. Ugh! If I manage to pick up and bag from my wheelchair I’m sure the lazy person who left this dollop on the pavement could have done so.
Other power chair users – do you have any suggestions for coping with dirty wheels.? My drive wheels are nobly and pick up lots of gunk – not just dog doo doo. The ramps are at my French windows so I’m straight into my living room and onto the carpet.

Thanks for any ideas.


Hi, what inconsiderate b`s take their dogs out and let them do their bizz and not pick it up!

My wheels get gunky too, but my access is via the back garden where we can wash the wheels before entering the house.

What about putting some of that thick see through plastic carpet cover down? It doesnt have to be a big piece, just enough to wipe your wheels. Also keep some kitchen paper and wipes handy.

Dog poo stinks to high heaven, I know!

luv Pollx