is it better to be living alone than living with a partner who doesn’t really want to be with someone with m.s.?



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The word in your post “really” is interesting. Have they actually said that they don’t want to be with someone with MS or is it just your impression? If they’ve actually said that (& not in a moment of panic) my answer, sadly, is “yes”.

No one wants to live with ms

people with ms have no choice.

partners do have a choice.

but, some partners feel they have no choice.

The real question is possibly, do you love each other?

humans have faults, all of us.

good luck with working out how to deal with the situation.

big big hugs

In my humble opinion you have enough to bring you down, you need positive influences and people that make you happy. Oh and ideally a rock to cling on to in this shit storm… doesn’t sound like you’ve found that. So if it’s as black and white as your question suggests then ‘yes’ but I am conscious it’s unlikely to be that straightforward… you will know the answer to that. Love conquers all and I’m sending you some of mine x

I’d say yes.

My husband walked out on me, didn’t cope well with my progressive MS.

I’m so much happier my life is so much better. I can do what I want, when I want and have very supportive friends and family.

Hope you’re ok.