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does anyone here follow a specific diet? I’m particularly interested in the keto diet and good or bad stories



Ketogenic diets are pretty hard-core. If I were metabolically unhealthy and/or had a lot of weight to lose, it is the way of eating I would reach for, no question. Many people seem to get amazing results in terms of improving their metabolic health, reducing their diabetic and hypertension meds, shedding loads of weight etc, all while eating plenty of good food. Keto for those purposes is approaching mainstream now, and there seems to be firm science behind it. is a good site for learning how people with T2D have been using low or (as in the case of keto) very low carb diets to turn around their health. And there’s plenty of speculation out there on the (ahem) wilder fringes of the Web about how a ketogenic diet might benefit people with a host of other chronic conditions, including ours. Well, we’ve all heard that one (and ones like it) before, haven’t we? But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t make for very interesting reading.

For now, I’m sticking to an easy-going but low-ish carb way of eating: I limit sugar, refined carbohydrates (flour etc) and vegetable seed oils and eat real food instead - meat, fish, tons of veg, dairy, nuts, olive oil etc. Seems to suit me, but then I don’t have the sort of metabolic/weight issues that keto seems so good for. If you try keto, I would love to hear how you get on. Alison

My daughter and son in law follow keto, its amazing and to be honest they seem to eat more now then before. no sugar though.

she has a facebook page i will dig it out for you. they really eat well and loose weight rapid, her blood pressure is normal again, and she looks brilliant and has a lot of energy. I could follow it but i am too lazy lol.

Thank you both for your replies. I am not overweight, though I have been following this diet for about two weeks after reading about the ‘benefits ‘. I am sceptical but thought it was worth a try up curb my cake and sugar desires! My friend is also doing this ( she is overweight so that’s her reason) but she has gone a couple of days without food, which I’m not prepared to do. I am more like yourself Alison where it’s a less strict approach. I see benefits in my skin. Still fatigued though.

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in keto you shouldnt not eat anything. I think my daughter eats more to be honest. not eating food wont make you loose weight as your body goes into starvatin mode and eats its own muscle. Your friend is being silly. she needs to follow the diet exactly.

You will find benefits as you are ridding your body from all that processed sugary rubbish we dont need. good luck with it. my daughter and her husband are so different since they started it. x

I am following the Overcoming MS recovery program which includes a mostly vegan plant based diet with the addition of fish and flaxseed oil supplements. It also recommends mindfulness meditation, vitamin D and exercise where possible.


I’m on the whisky diet, Lost three days so far ©Tommy Cooper

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Hi Emma

My brother, who also has MS, started a keto diet a month or two ago. For the first few weeks he was really knackered, which I think will be a combination of withdrawal symptoms from the lack of sugar & carbs, and the body adjusting to getting energy from fat. But now he’s turned a corner and is starting to feel better. So I reckon stick with it, hopefully you’ll feel the benefits soon. I know a couple other people who follow it and they recommend it. Definitely tempted.


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Yes, I’ve heard that the transition to mainly fat-burning can be a bit grim for a few weeks. Good for your brother, toughing it out. I am glad that he is starting to feel the benefits.


My partner struggled with fatigue and wasn’t able to walk very far, because he was just so exhausted all the time. He also had massive headaches. His medications works and he didn’t have any new lesions, but still felt quite bad. He started the keto diet in October last year. He feels so much better now. He has energy, can work out again, no more headaches and is just a much happier person in general. I tried the diet myself, just to see how it is. It is not easy in the start, but ones you’ve got the hang of it, it is worth it. As soon as my partner eats carbs or too sugary things he feels it straight away e.g. he loves popcorn and ate a big portion one night. The next day he felt like he had a hangover. He lost alot of weight since he got diagnosed, and since the new diet he also lost the last bit of fat he had left, but because he has the energy to work out now, he could build up some muscles instead. Not sure if it has the same effect for everyone, but would be interesting to find out !


my daughter and hubby are on keto. it transformed their lives. one has M.E. and fibro, and the other RA. they have both lost weight have tons of energy. they sure have benefitted from it.

Well Hello, I am known for my cooking of cakes curries chillies steakes pies and everything naughty but nice. Home brew and gin bar. I,m not fat or thin and maybe just a few pound overweight. I may just try this diet. Watch this space. Domestic goddess x