Raspberry Ketone ( Raspberry Ketone is the latest weight loss fad.)

Hi all , very tempted to try this sounds to good to be true .what I’ve read is good feedback from this , desperate to lose a little weight . Let me know if anyone else has heard of this or even tried it . Thx Take care Fiona x

Hi Fiona I’ve heard of it but I heard it makes the immune system over active which I think is bad for msers Karina

Anything with word “ketone” in makes me a bit scared of the effects on your health.

To add to what MrsH has said, anything that is the latest fad also makes me sceptical.

You know the saying about: “If it sounds too good to be true…”? The rest is: “…it probably is!”

The only reliable way to lose weight is to take on fewer calories than you burn. For most people, this WILL mean eating less, as exercise alone is unlikely to make a big enough difference. You need to walk miles to work off just one biscuit, for example, so it’s not going to have much effect unless you also reduce the number of biscuits. I’m not suggesting you really do eat loads of biscuits - it’s just an example.


Hi, I tried this and managed to lose £40 in one month. Unfortunately not a lb of weight came off. Waste of money. I then joined weight watchers and with healthy filling eating managed to lose 21lbs in 3 months. We all know how to lose weight and all looking for a quick fix, there are no long term quick fixes. Good luck. Linda x

Hi I am like Rachelsmum. I bought them and didn’t lose any weight. I then used Weight Watchers online, I lost17lb and then hit a plateu and didn’t lose any more. I then found Nutracheck, wich is simiar to WW, but half te price. Best of all is my weight is going down again, check it out, you get a 5 day free trial,

hope this helps


i’m allways sceptical about these type of diets. if it was any good the GPs would be writing out prescriptions for them and you wouldn’t be getting junk mail trying to sell them to you .

ive had a weight problem all my adult life. up and down but on the most up. i decided 4 months or so to try again and just cut right down on my food intake and cut out bread almost. the last month ive being on the 5: 2 diet. im finding it really suits me and ive lost over 4 stone in the 4 months and the big plus is i feel pretty ok.

try it out it my do you good as it has me

My GP actually recommended the Cambridge Diet to me! (pre MS). These days everyone seems to be doing Slimming World Extra Easy plan and losing stones and stones and not feeling hungry as there are so many free foods (as much as you like of pasta, rice, eggs, fruit & veg, extra lean meat, etc).

I’m following it loosely but what I really need is willpower!!!

Hi, Ive dreampt of a quick fix` to weight loss all my adult life.

But my sensible head said join a slimming club and follow a sensible diet. yeh, i Know it can be a bore, but it is the only way hun.

I cant get onto weighing scales, so go by my clothes.

If I can leave my bra on during and after a meal, then I`m doing it right!