Rasberry ketone and ms meds

Hi is anyone taking rasberry ketone ? Thought it may be worth a try. I don’t take any vitamins just prescribed things. Possibly a bit of an energy boost and weight loss ? I realise there isn’t any evidence but just a bit concerned as the less I do I am concerned about putting on lots of weight which then makes movement harder etc Thanks any thoughts welcome

Hi lexi- someone posted about raspberry ketone a while back. I commented on that post as did a few others. Raspberry ketone makes the immune system overactive which isn’t a good thing in ms. Also it seems that numerous people have tried it and it didn’t make any difference to weight loss but made them struggle with their ms symptoms. It’s an individual choice but personally I’m reluctant to believe it works and hesitant with anything that has ketone in the name.

Thank you very much karina- I am glad I asked. Thanks again Alexa