diagnosis - KETO diet

Hi there I was wondering if anybody with RRMS did try the KETO diet .I would like your comments please as I’m so confused.
Plus anybody near West Hampstead in London. So Ive just been diagnosed and Im lost. It would be nice to know and talk to someone around or If anybody knows any other medium to meet people with MS near where I live. thanks in advance

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Firstly welcome @georgedmak. As to whether the Keto diet would help anyone with RRMS is a really interesting question. I think from what I have read the answer is still a bit of an open question. I have copied in some links which are worth a read, if you haven’t already that is. Also, they might inform other posters too.

Just a personal thought on the Keto diet I use it intermittently as a quick fix to loose a couple of pounds, I always feel tired on it and wouldn’t be able to do it for long. Far better to have a well-balanced diet.

question Keto diet improved life quality of RRMS patients in trial - ACNR.


Hi, I scour the internet quite a lot and I stumbled across this prof G article. He talks about some diets including Keto and explains what happens in the body and what to expect. Hope it helps.

Hi Have you tried Shift.ms? You can chat with local MSers in your area.

is this an app?

thank you I ll take a look

ohhh great thanks Rogue Ill take a look although Ive spoken to the care team and they said not enough evidence for KETO yet plus is causing heart problems etc.

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Hi George,

I spent 12 months doing keto a couple of years back and I had more energy than before or after it. It isn’t right for everybody though so please do take some time before committing to it as you need to be all in to get the benefits from it. I only stopped as we were going to Disneyworld in Florida for two weeks and I didn’t want to restrict what I was eating. Unfortunately when we came home it was too close to Christmas and I just carried on eating everything!
Now I am the size of a small bungalow and I think I need to embark on it again. More than happy to answer any questions or share any tips as I go back.