Did you..

Good morning folks

In deep suspense, did you get your new sofa Pat?happyflower

There's 2 parts to this post, I did 20 strokes on my rowing machinehappyblushI hope everyone has a good week, take care Mheart

YAY! The new table and chairs came Saturday and sofa arrives this afternoon! happy2

You will not believe the story of the sofa. I'd been on the internet for hours trying to find one small enough... very small living-room and wanted very small sofa. Looked at a few that I quite liked ranging in price from around £400 to £1,000. Still couldn't find 'the right one'.

Anyway, Saturday afternoon out with friend and looked at a couple more. Then decided to pop into a local charity shop that sells furniture. And there it was! The most charming little sofa. Just the right size. Condition like new. Exactly what I wanted! Lovely colour... deep red... very comfy.

Price? £45 plus £5 delivery!!!!! happytounge

Can't believe my luck. Soooo pleased as I've wanted to re-vamp my living-room for ages but seemed like such a huge effort. And now I've done it. And the whole thing has come in at under £400. I'm a very happy bunny...

20 strokes M! trophy I'm proud of you!

Hope everyone's doing ok. Raining in London...

Pat x heart

What a bargain, I'm sooooo pleased for you!  It all souds so comfortablethumbsupand atrophyno 2trophys or is it 's? I like the colour.

Here I am again 20 strokes before breakfast, you know what happens nowsleepingOnly kidding, ops! not I'm not sleepingheart

20 strokes before breakfast! Blimey M, are you training for the olympics?? trophy thumbsup

I'm very sleepingalso... the sofa looks gorgeous but all that 'sofa excitement' has done me in! 

Pouring with rain in London...

Have a good one... Pat x heart cat

Hi Pat

Raining again here as well, seems no end to it.


Your sofa sounds lovely, surprising what you can get in

these charity shops now, enjoy it.


I had to have a chuckle reading about "H" on his rowing machine, good on him, that's

what I say, but for me, chance would be a fine thing!!!


Take care


Hi Pam, how's it going? 

I think you mean 'M' and he's a she! Te he don't worry I'm sure M won't mind. scared

Yes more rain here. Will we ever get any summer?

I was out on my scooter and dressed for late September and got caught in the rain... mainly because I got trapped behind millions of teenagers who had just come out of school and insist on walking in large groups that take up whole pavement and are so slow...

Oh well home now and time to rest before bingo downstairs tonight. The excitement of living in sheltered housing is sometimes too much to bear... tounge... but would I want more excitement in my life? No thanks.

Have a nice evening,

Pat x


Hi Pat


Oh, trust me to open me mouth and put my foot in!   Sorry M.

Enjoy your bingo, still raining by the way.


Good morning folks

Thanks for sorting that out for me Pat, it's not a problem Pam.

Lucky, with the Bingo?  Too much excitement is bad for you AND too much exercise!sleepingTake care, Mheart

Won £2.50. Packing my bags now to run off to Monte Carlo. happy

Today is lunch club. Fish and chips... YUM...

You are right M. Excitement and exercise... avoid overdoing those EX words!

Have a good one, Pat x heart

Hi Pat

If I carry your case.........can I please come to Monte Carlo with you

and help spend your winnings?


Take care (not raining here, hope I haven't spoke too soon) hehe