Moment of madness & RED bedding!!!

Hi gang… this is a rather sorry little story…

Went out yesterday for the first time since Good Friday… and I had that sort of high… a combo of feeling better than I have in weeks AND being back in the outside world…

So I was in Wilkinsons… looking at 100% cotton bedding (MS nurse recommended I go for all cotton as I get so hot at night) and high as a bloody kite (my only excuse) I bought a BRIGHT RED duvet cover and matching pillow cases.

After sleeping (trying to sleep) in bright red bedding for one night I realise now that I HATE it!!!

I like my bedroom in soft, restful, cosy colours and the bright red looked ghastly!!!

Luckily the whole set was only £15 as I’m going to have to re-home it.

I also realised, once I had come back to Planet Earth, that it looked like my grandson’s bedroom which is all done out in Arsenal colours!

Oh dear… I was a bit upset about it this morning but luckily common sense has kicked in and I’m now able to see the funny side…

Enjoy your Sunday everyone,

Mad Pat xxx

This really made me laugh Pat. It’s just the sort of thing I would end up doing. Although RED? Definitely looks like you’re an Arsenal, Man U or Liverpool supporter! I’m sure you’ll find someone young who’ll like it! Next time - get something in a pastel shade! Hope you have a restful night tonight! LMAO, Teresa xx

Hi Pat. I am very fond of red home furnishings…bedding is red too.

Chuck `em my way!

luv Pollx

Poll PM me your postal address and I’ll send 'em on hon. Would like them to go to a good home. They are very good cotton!

Pat x (ps I’m not a mad stalker or anything so no worries that I’ll have your address)

I am sure a local bordello would be very grateful for a donation. Failing that, being an Arsenal supporter is no bad thing, although you do need a strong ticker these days.

Ah Pat, that is so sweet of you, but why not give them to a charity? That way they`ll be helping someone.

luv Poll.

ps I dont think of you as a stalker!

LOL I know what you mean, it is easy to get carried away we once decorated the hall and bathroom canary yellow, it never lasted long. That was in the days I could climb ladders and hold a paint brush dim distant memories. Still I have ou eldest daughter here it is her birthday so a houseful plus cake.

I will hon. Giving them to local Oxfam shop… along with 3 sets of poly-cotton bedding.

I did actually buy another cotton set… in olive green… I know that sounds awful but actually looks rather lovely… most of my bedroom furniture is old and painted white so the green gives it a Mediteranian look and is very calming.

With the white furniture and red bedding it did look like I’m an Arsenal supporing bordello keeper!

AND I have to say that sleeping in all cotton (I’ve now got 100% cotton nighties too) really does make a difference!

Pat x

All cotton sounds lovely Pat but doesn’t that mean more ironing? Glad you found a happier colour combination - it sounds really lovely! LOL to the Arsenal bordello! Teresa xx

I don’t iron anything Teresa. Haven’t ironed a thing since the day I left work.

Bedding goes in dryer in our free laundry here and then carefully folded, and cotton nighies get a good shake and then dried on hangers.

I say it’s because I’m eco-friendly but actually it’s because I’ve always hated doing it!

Pat x

I hate it too but cannot cope with wrinkled clothes. Am finding it harder and harder to do as my left arm gets weaker bit by bit. Luckily have taught three of my four boys to iron - ( it will be good for them when they leave home ). So, they do a good stint for me. It’s their turn tonight. Yippee! Teresa xx

Good for you Teresa. I taught my son how to iron as well… he now does his share with his wife. You’re doing them a huge favour by teaching them… and an even bigger favour for their future partners!

Pat x

That’s what I thought. My husband was so useless domestically when we first got together (he isn’t any more!) that I felt some girls would thank me at some point. They can all cook too and change a bed! The one I haven’t done yet is to teach them to clean the bathroom! Better do that before the eldest goes to uni in the autumn! Teresa xx

Hi Pat, glad the unwanted bedding has gone to Oxfam.

luv Pollx

Hi Pat

Glad I am not the only one who has “moments of madness” !!

although I do like red…it spells danger!

Teresa good for you teaching your boys, they need to know as

well as the girls, they will all thank you in the end, including their


Pam x

I hope so Pam! Teresa xx

Hi all, Pleased to say that my cleaner came today and was very taken with the red bedding… so he’s gone home with it.

He’s dropping all the poly-cotton bedding off at charity shop.

Don’t know what I’d do without him… he even cleans my goldfish tank for me. How would I manage if I didn’t have DLA to pay him with?

Hope everyone is having a good day. It’s a bit grey and wet in London but SO much milder!

Crab-apple tree is just starting to open. I don’t want to jinx it but I think that season we’ve been waiting for might actually be here…

Pat x

Hi, it`s colder and rainy here today (west yorks)

Glad to hear you have such a good cleaner.

luv Pollx

Much milder here too! Thank goodness! I’m feeling better for it at last. Teresa xx