Diagnosed over letter, neurology appointment in 6 months - what to do in the meantime?

Hi, I have a bit odd situation, as I am stuck in a limbo of unknown. I have been recently diagnosed with MS, but only got this diagnosis in a letter (based on lumbar puncture) as I recently moved towns and my doctor didn’t want to book me a consultation in the town I was moving out of. Which is fair, as it probably would have been for later than when I moved across country. But because of this I know I have a life changing condition, but I’ve not spoken with the doctor about symptoms, I don’t have a MS nurse and today got a letter from the hospital in the new town that my appointment is booked for December (yes, in half a year from now!) I am very stressed, as I do have some tingling sensations, constapations and similar, but I don’t know whether I should blame them On MS or not. Also if I don’t have a MS nurse who do I go to with all of these, as surely when I go to the doctor in December they will underestimate whatever I say I had as there won’t be any log to look at patterns etc. I am so not sure what to do now, and where to go with this, I don’t feel like I can stay in this state of not knowing for another half a year, as this is very stressful and scary. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks, Kasia

Ask your doctor to do an urgent appointment or phone up the neurologist secretary and ask to be put on the cancellation list.

I think 6 months is a long time to wait and by the people that are on here will tell you that you could have some time with a MS nurse and help deciding what medication you need to go on.

Best of luck kay

I am sorry about your dx and also the manner of it - that sounds brusque to the point of brutal, and it is a pity that you have not been better supported through the dx process by your medical advisors.

Your new GP is now your portal into the hospital specialist system local to you, and should be a great help to you as you navigate your way through. I think you should take advice from him/her.

I hope that you get a nice GP.

Good luck with it all.


Thank you guys, I went today to the GP and got an appointment on Thursday, so hopefully this will do. In case it won’t I also just emailed PALS at the hospital that I have my December appointment with, so fingers crossed that one of these two things will do the trick.