Diagnosed Migraine with aura

Last week I saw a neurologist who assured me I don’t have MS but I am suffering from migraine with aura. I was elated to hear what he had to say but a week later and my symptoms have worsened and I’m feeling pretty blue about it… Feeling exhausted, fizzing in my legs, very light numb feeling that has escalated up my legs, my limbs feel heavy especially my arms and last night my face felt numb in places and I’ve been left with a numb lip, a bit like the anesthetic wearing off after the dentist. Also, my tinnitus is louder. But I haven’t lost feeling and my reflexes are fine. And I’m finding it hard to sleep.

The neurologist has asked my GP to prescribe Gabapentin and thinks the migraines are being flueled by changes in hormones (I’m 46).

Today I didn’t go to work for the first time because of the symptoms. I work in a very stressful environment (it’s been like that for over a year now) which is unlikely to get better any time soon.

Have any of you been diagnosed with migraine with aura and then went on to get MS? Also how do you deal with work?

Although I have a diagnoses I don’t feel this is the end.


Hello H

I assume your neurologist did a physical exam and has seen results from an MRI to diagnose migraine and definitively rule out MS?

If that’s the case, then be happy, you don’t have MS. Migraines can cause all sorts of symptoms, as can going through the menopause, if that is in fact the case.

If however, the neurologist has not performed a physical examination, or seen results from an MRI test, and/or lumbar puncture, visual evoked potentials or nerve conduction study (I’m not suggesting he should have done them all, just the MRI should be sufficient in the first instance), then maybe you need re-referring.

I suggest you start out by talking through the neurologists findings together with the symptoms you are experiencing. See what s/he has to say about the diagnosis you have been given and whether s/he feels further testing is warranted.


Thanks for the advice Sue. The neurologist tested my balance and reflexes but no other tests. He didn’t feel an MRI was necessary as he was satisfied it is migraine with aura. I have an appointment with the NHS next April (this recent appointment was private) so at least I’m in the NHS queue to get a second oppinin. I am hopeful though that it is migraine.

Thanks again. So good to talk it over.


Hi Helmac I have also been diagnosed with migraine but I am told mine is ‘chronic vestibular migraine’. I also have not had an MRI recently and have the tingling in my left leg and sometimes weakness too as well as my left arm. I am a member of a migraine group on Facebook and they assured me that tingling is very common with migraine and hemiplegic migraine causes it on one side almost like a stroke symptom. Thing is I still find it hard to accept this and the tingling still worries me :confused: Apparently migraine can ‘evolve’ over the years and your symptoms can completely change. I wish someone would just do an MRI for me, I’d do one myself if I could! Good luck Dee