diagnosed!! and goodbyes

Hello everyone,

well i have been officially diagnosed now and its not MS, i have a very rare disease called Syringomyelia , which involves a syrinx (fluid filled cavity) inside my spinal cord which is expanding and growing causing the nerve trouble. Unfortunately surgery as is my only option and its only 50/50 it’ll stop progression :frowning: but im staying positive. Only 8 in 100,000 ppl will get this disorder hoe lucky am i lol

thank you all for your support and advice! Bst of luck all <3


Hello Char I’m sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I wish you all the luck in the world. Like you say Char…stay positive!!! Love and light to you Noreen :slight_smile:

Thanks Hun :slight_smile: it’ll be fine at least i know now that’s the main thing, its just getting better now xx

I’m so glad you’ve had a diagnosis . I hope your surgery goes well and you feel loads better after it. Good luck xxxx


Glad you know what the problem is now. Not the best, but at least you know now what the problem is, and can start doing stuff to help. Sending lots of love and positive thoughts. xx

Oh Char…that does sound like a tricky operation for you. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

You know, you dont have to leave just cos you aint got MS. As you know, I dont have MS but am permitted (and wanted) to remain an honourary member. Please stay.

luv Pollyxx