Officially Diagnosed!

Thanks all for your help and comments in my previous post…

Saw the Neurologist today and have officially been diagnosed with clinically definite MS. Have been prescribed oral Methyl predniso…something? (still waiting for pharmacy to stock up) and some kind of stomach protection tablet?

Will be getting spine MRI after birth, and being started on long term treatment (whatever that is?) and seeing an MS nurse.

I guess Im one of the lucky ones as its only been about 5 weeks from referral from Midwife - Antenatal Consultant - Medical Dr - MRI - Neorologist - Diagnosis - Treatment!

So sorry about the diagnosis but also bet you must be feeling relieved you know what is wrong. Would be nicer to not have to go through it at all though. I’ve been ok with the whole thing up until now. I was told it was probable M.S 18 months ago but I still don’t know for sure. I’m more worried about all the other things it could be. I’m glad you know before your baby is born. I was fine during pregnancy (I was cured I thought lol) and then 3 weeks after she was born I relapsed and quite severly. At least you’re in good hands so that treatment will be given to lessen the effect of a relapse if it happens. Was diagnosis made just on an MRI and a neurological examination and symptoms?

Yeah what was deemed as 1 attack, the neurologist has counted as 2 because of their nature and timing…

(numbness in hand and shoulder, for 2 months… shoulder got better, hands stayed same and then 2 months later numbness in feet that progressed up my body and balance/walking problems)

MRI scan of brain showed around 6 areas of demylination, but he says my symptoms are related to my spinal cord so the assumption is that there will be more there too! I’ll be having MRI of spine after baby comes.

But yeah Im definitely thankful and relieved for the diagnosis, as crappy as it is at least its an answer ya know.

Congratulations and commiserations!

For long term treatment, have a look at the msdecisions website - it gives loads of info about the different disease modifying drugs (DMDs). It speeds things up if you’ve already decided what you want when you see the neuro!

Recent evidence suggests that Rebif 44 is the most effective of the injectable DMDs, but there’s not a massive amount in it, so just go with whatever one you think will suit you best. There’s no “right” choice.

For now you can get on with enjoying your pregancy though

Karen x

Lol, thanks Rizzo…

Yeah Ive been investigating a little bit - I’ll be sure to check out that site. So far I think Im going to try and pick one that involves the least serious side effects and minimal extra disruption overall… but yes, hurrah to answers! Luckily the neuroI saw specialises in MS at another hospital so he’s switching me over to there where he has a whole MS team :slight_smile: