Diagnosed 6 years ago relapsing remitting but still don’t accept

Hi new here just joined up,34 years old from west London got diagnosed 6 years ago and still don’t read or really accept the whole ms thing,most likely through fear…any way thought I’d join and maybe talk to other people with something in common,anyway hope every one is well take care scotty

Hi Scotty,

Glad you’ve felt up to coming on and there are many on the forum here happy to help you.

It sounds good that you are living your life and not having it governed by your RRMS which I take it, comes and goes ? If you were diagnosed at 28, that is a young age to be told you’ve got MS and quite right, you’d put it to the back of your mind and think ‘what the heck ?!’

Is it affecting you mentally / physically thus far ? Are you getting decent support from your GP / have you got a consultant you perhaps see annually or more frequently than that? Hope the meds are keeping things under control and your symptoms not too bad.

There are London groups involving young people with MS if you think you’d find it beneficial to join and meet with others who might be going down a similar path. Overcoming your fear is a good thing and you may need to make some minor adjustments without needing to change things too much hopefully. All MS cases are so different !

Take care, hope that helps,


Hi Scotty, how does your condition affect you symptom wise?

Are you on any medication?

I know it`s hard to accept you have MS…but it is better to find ways to live your life to the full, with MS in the background, being looked after by pacing your activities and getting good quality rest times.


Hi Scotty, Im Hayley im new to the forum and was diagnosed in 2012 so 8yrs in november with RRMS i was 31. I have just plodded on with life and never thought about it or let it run my life so pushed it to the side, but now i get over whelmed with fear and worrying and the what ifs why me and the uncertain future ive come to the conclusion that ive never accepted the MS or come to terms with it not sure i ever will.

You’re not alone im here if you want to PM me


I’m new to the forum, insomnia brings me here today.

I was diagnosed early March this year (RR) just as the Coronavirus pandemic was emerging.

Third night in a row (this time) that sleep is a distant memory.

Nothing to focus on except pain.

Just begun a phased return to work after 3 months off following relapse(s) that ended up in hospitalisation. Not sure how to function without sleep.

Totally sh*tty experience right from the start over 18 months ago.

Now diagnosed, thrown away and forgotten about. I HATE THIS.

Hoping I might draw inspiration from being on here, but not hopeful. Seen other posts from people who don’t accept their diagnosis. Neither do I !

hi crazycatlady

we all know that swearing is not big, not funny and not clever.

however it is therapeutic.

basically the verbal abuse is directed at MS not at a person, so in my warped mind i believe it is acceptable.

just be aware that anyone in the same room will hear!

my son hears me so i say “f… off - not you”

carole x

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