Desperately need advice.......

…I was made redundant on Thursday

Those of you who know me know that having struggled through the whole diagnosis, sick leave and then getting back to work bit I have now been back at work working 9 - 4 for the last year and a bit. Was told 4 weeks ago that my job was no longer there. 4 of us in my department have been made redundant.

I was told on Thursday that I will have to work my 3 months notice. I asked if I would be able to leave earlier explaining that having to work this notice whilst all the time worrying that I needed to find another job would cause me so much stress and in turn this would make my symptoms worse. My manager agreed that there were special circumstances in my case then took this to HR. Yesterday my manager came to see me to tell me that they would let me go earlier and how long did I think it would take to pass on my tasks to my stand-in technician. We agreed this would take about 2 weeks.

I found out at 15.30 today that they will only pay my notice up until the day I leave.

Where are the special circumstances? They are making me redundant but not helping me at all. I feel like I’m being forced into a corner. If I leave I will lose about £5000, if I stay I will end up going on the sick and they will have to pay me anyway. I just can’t make sense of it. I don’t want to go on sick leave I just really don’t know what to do.

A distraught Oonagh


Oh Oonagh that is terrible. First, are you in a union? Second, if they are treating you this badly… which they are… why don’t you want to go on sick leave? I think you don’t have to consider the company at all. You have to do what is best for you. Don’t go early… stay and go on sick leave!!! If you can get any legal advice… via union, CAB or anyone (take a look at Benefits and Work website) go for it. Thinking of you hon. You know the worst thing about this is I know how hard you have struggled to keep on working and then they turn round and slap you in the face. That is why I advise you to go for sick leave. Don’t do them any favours!!! Pat xx

Yes, do get some advice as there’s some weird stuff around the subject, getting knowledge is so worth while on that.

I gave “counter notice” when I was in my redundancy period because I worked for a big comany, we found out loads from our union. I was a month into my 3 month notice when I heard a whisper that there were new roles coming up, there’d have been a re-location involved. I was able to leave a few weeks early and still got my full redundancy payment .

That was obviously working at a big company losing a good few people, I think the company could have had a route round that but too expensive for them to bother with.

Good luck tho, it’s rotten when it happens.

Sonia x

Thanks so much Pat. I am in a union and will be speaking to them tomorrow. I’m worried that going on sick leave will jepardise my redundancy package. I really take pride in my work and love my job which makes this even more heartwrenching for me.


Thank you Sonia. This is the second wave of redundancies in the last 6 months. This time it was 27 people. I could have relocated to Zeist in the Netherlands or possibly to Germany cos that would have been soooo easy for me . Thanks for the luck Sonia


Oonagh… please try and find time to update us… and wishing you the best of luck. Pat xx

Oonah, that’s so awful for you, I am sorry. As if you haven’t got enough to contend with. I hope you can get some good advice…please ket us know how things work out for you, Take care, Nina x

Oonagh I also feel that your employers are treating you badly. I’m glad you have a union, they can be a great help, I know mine helped me sort my life out when I got diagnosed. Good luck and please let us know how you get on.

Cath xx

Hi, well I can imagine your boss felt cock-a-hoop, whe he realised you had saved the company that 5k…the cheeky sods, treating you this despicabe way!

Get the union on it asap.

Grrr-ing on your behalf.

luv pollx

Hi Oonagh

That’s dreadful, even more so the fact they know how hard you have worked to get back to work…shame on the Company.

Get some advice from CAB to know what your options are. I personally wouldn’t go early, mI would go on sick leave, it is so unfair what they are doing.

Please let us know the outcome, and that you are alright, take care hun.

Pam x

Hi Pam,

Just been told that if I go on sick leave they won’t pay me (I’d only get statuary). Feel like my world is falling apart.



Hi Poll,

Union are worse than useless. Have been told there is nothing else they can do.



Hi Oonah, have you spoken to union yet? I thought they had to pay you for 6 weeks… I’ll have a google and see if I can find anything. Hang on in there hon… Pat xx

Ok Oonagh, it depends on your contract. If you contract states they will continue to pay your salary for a certain amount of time, they have to do it. Read this link… scroll down to ‘If you have problems’… it says you can go to HM Revenue and Customs to decide the matter. Hope this is at least giving you somewhere to start: Sick pay rights | nidirect Pat xx

Thank you Pat, I just can’t believe how awful all of this is. They know that if I get too stressed I will end up going sick…that’s why I’ve had 3 stress risk assessments since I came back to work…to make sure I wasn’t under too much stress!!!



Oh Oonagh, thats awful, it beggars belief what they are doing, I wish you all the best.

Pam x

Oonagh that really is disgusting. Your union sounds worse than useless too. The only other place I can think of going other than the CAB is to a solicitor. Some of them will give you an hour free consultation. Some people have no thought for others, it’s disgraceful, I wish I could be of help but I wouldn’t know where to start, sorry.

Cath xx

Oh Oonagh, I’m so sorry, It’s so long now since I was at work that I’m totally out of touch with these things. I do hope that Pats link or Caths suggestion of CAB will help in some way. Let us all know how things go for you, in the meantime I shall be thinking if you . Nina x

Oonagh there is a charity that might be able to help, I looked up unfair dismissal. I’ve got the link here, I hope it could be of help.


Thank you all for your support, wise words, links etal. I’ve realised that I really have to think about me…am worried that the worsening of my symptoms (due to all the stress) won’t lessen. I have an appointment with my GP on Monday so will take it from there. Again, thank you all so much.