Hi, any comments would be greatly appreciated.

I was diagnosed with MS PP some 12 years ago and joined a new (large) firm 8 years ago. I was completely open about my diagnosis. Oh i am 53.

My firm is changing their finance system, and I fully expect my role to be made redundant in a few months as does my boss (but nothing concrete)

My boss has said that I am getting worse, especially in the afternoon where my speech becomes slurred, I look tired and my work output is reduced.

Do i start a ‘protected’ meeting with a view to a payoff, go off sick,with reduced pay or angle for retirement due too ill heath (my pension is rubbish)


I went for the ill-health retirement. It took about 6 months but it was a good thing. I was a teacher so I went through occupational health. It was clear I was struggling.

Best wishes

I was a nurse and unable to continue and forced to retire due to ill health. I had to go on to benefits as I was in my early 40s. It was very hard but my union helped me. If you have one get them involved. If you have a mortgage, see if you have critical illness cover as they should pay that off which makes life a bit easier. Take care