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Sorry not been round much. Well knackered. Hope you’re all well.

Been trying to get early retirement on health grounds from work as I can’t cope with any more. My batteries have ran out.

I’ve been told that they think I’m just depressed which I’m not. If I am it is because of work.

My rhetorical question is that once my alleged depression goes, will my M.S go too? I’m just going to let my contract run until they end it because of a poor health record.

Who thinks you are just depressed, would get the help of professionals like MS nurse. Yes stress doesn’t help with MS however MS hasn’t a cure yet, unless someone isn’t telling me



Does your employer have access to occupational health facilities? I agreed to a referral with my employer which started the ball rolling for ill health retirement. Depression can be an inevitable consequence of MS. After all there are times when we may feel a bit useless, especially when we need some energy or motivation. But if your batteries are flat you just can’t produce it out of thin air. I suppose a visit to the GP to explain things could be another starting point.

I was very specific about all my symptoms. I used this site to help with definitions and consequences and related them to the parts of my job which were affected. It took a bit of sitting down and writing it all out with countless redrafts but it did work for me.I agree with Trish about the MS nurse as well.

Best wishes, Steve.

OH thinks I’m just depressed. I’ve been in touch with MS nurse and mentioned the depression thing but I was told that’s for me to sort with my GP, who I will see next week to get my definitely not fit for work note.

I would suggest that if you are depressed it’s because you know that you can no longer complete your job the the level it requires. I was very tearful and down till I finally decided I could no longer work, once I had accepted that and my GP signed me sick from work I felt a huge weight had been lifted. I sleep so much better now and am more my cheerful self regardless of the worsening of my MS.

Im not sure about asking for ill health retirement, I thought it was a process your employers take you through when you are long term sick. It is what I hoped for but I never took it for granted.

Good luck

Jan x

Hi Mr Grumpy, good to see you but sorry to hear your news.

Well yes your depressed because you’re having to drag yourself into bloody work everyday!!!

It’s just how I got before I finished work. Would sit in the toilets crying! I was SO tired. It was an immense relief to give up work.

I was lucky in that the organisation I worked for were going through a merger & were looking to make redundancies so I managed to leave with that & a redundancy payment.

I would talk to your GP or neuro and tell them exactly how you feel… that work is killing you!!! See if you can get a letter saying that you should now retire on health grounds.

Good luck… and in meantime, if you’re not up to going, don’t go. Call in sick. Yes they’ll soon get sick of that!

Pat xx

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