depression, short temper

My hubbie just read that m.s can cause depression, short temper and anxiety? Is this right? Only I’ve noticed I can be short tempered and ratty especially with my child and hubbie. I certainly used to have more patience and be less irritable. I was on an anti dep but came off…it was given for PND after my child. Just curious to know whether an anti depressant would improve this. Thanks X

Yes. During a relaspe I can be incredibly angsty. After I am much better. I have taken SJW for five years and it has made my life so much better. I use HRI Good Mood which you can get from Amazon. It’s very good.

Hope that this helps,

Adrian x

Hi Lisa,

It can, but being ill and/or in pain can certainly make anyone more ratty and irritable, so I wouldn’t be too quick to assume it’s a “symptom”, or even that it’s depression at all. I think, sometimes these days, there’s a tendency to medicalise things that are a perfectly normal reaction to circumstances.

Does anyone normal NOT get ratty, when they feel ill or can’t walk properly, I wonder?

Personally, I’ve had very bad experiences with more than one type antidepressant, and will not be touching them again. Some people swear they’ve helped, and I’ve no reason to disbelieve them, but I was not one of the lucky ones, and still feel some regrets I ever took them. We do what we think’s best at the time, but personally, I think they’re doled out far too readily, and with not enough info re how many patients really benefit, versus how many have unacceptable side-effects.

My doctor seemed surprised I had any problems, but when I researched it, I found I was far from alone.


Hi Lisa I think there are some trains of thought that say that MS can be responsible for depression, some say the damage causes this, whilst others say it’s being diagnosed with such a condition. Whichever, I know that, unusually for me, I’ve been very down since before diagnosis and prone to be very short tempered and irritable. Which again, is not me. Amytrip has helped massively as has counselling but also the long, natural process of adjusting, coming to terms with it and even just trying to admit and accept that I have MS. It’s like a grieving process. Xx

Thanks … I was fine up until recent years when ive had more relapses. Just find I snap easy … Children are obviously challenging but I snap at the slightest thing. I had no side effects from citalopram and remember I was less anxious. They connected my anxiety with my horrendous childbirth too. Thanks tina for your advice too. I am more irratable in relapse and definitely on steroids and after. But feel ive been like this for a while generally at times. I may give the herbals a go as Adrian said as I don’t feel depressed as such. Feel bitter at times. Do herbals affect DMDS as I think I’ll be looking at DMDs at my next Neuro app on Thursday x