Hey All

this may be a strange question, but would welcome any advice given.

I was dx in April this year have a routine dentist appointment next tuesdy. Do I need to tell him about my dx, and do I tell him about the tabs I take daily?



Hi Freckles

I did tell my dentist when I was diagnosed and normally take a copy of my latest repeat prescriptions with me. It helps in case they need to prescribe medication for you so they can cross check for medications that don’t react together well etc.

As with other medical practices anything you tell your dentist has to be treated with confidentiality.

I also do the same with my optician as some medication can have an effect on eyes so it’s best to keep them up to date and fully informed.

Tracey x

As Tracey says, it’s probably best if you let him know what medication you’re taking. When I go to my dentist for my 6-monthly checkup, one of his first questions is to ask me if my medication has changed.


Hi, Good replies from others. I’m going to put a different spin on it which others may not agree with and that is fine. I went to the dentist last year, I hadn’t been for a while and had a broken infected tooth which was sore and left my mouth swollen. It needed to come out. When I told the dentist about my medication (betaferon) she said that she would have to refer me to the hospital to get the tooth out. What a bother, it was going to be a long wait, a day off work to go to the hospital to be assessed, a day off work again to get the tooth out. So, I went to another dentist, I did mention ms, because I was in the wheelchair but I didn’t mention that I was on betaferon. She took the tooth out there and then. Maybe I was reckless but I got what I wanted and I was happy. Cheryl:-)

I attend one of the hospital dental departments for monthly treatment (long story I wont bore you all with). They operate an emergency system for anyone with infection/acute pain. A case of turn up at 8.30 or 1pm and wait. Not suitable for everyone of course as travelling can be difficult but good to know as no need to wait days for an appointment. Worth checking out your local hospital if you ever need emergency treatment. Best of all because all my treatment is by 5th year students (under supervision of course) no charge. I have been so impressed with the care offered and every time I visit they ask whether any medication has changed or whether any additional problems/changes in health. If the care offered by the student I see is anything to go by the up and coming dentists will certainly be caring professional folk.

When l go for my 6monthly dental check up - the dentist -[lovely chinese girl] She always asks me about my health/meds etc. And before she even looks into my mouth - she feels around my face/neck to see if glands are swollen. She is so thorough.

When l first registered with her - l had to fill in a form asking about my health - operations etc.

They do want to know about recent steroid use if you need treatment. Something to do with bleeding, I think - not sure what exactly. Alison

Hey All

thanks for all the great comments! My gorgeuos husband has phoned my dentist to explain all about me and my dx. My dentist then phoned and we spoke for nearly half an hour about the tabs I take. The first thing he did ask was if I was taking steroids, think from what he said it can cause more bleeding.

All in all I’m being well looked after!