Do I need to inform my Dentist?

Hi eveyone,

This may be a really stupid question and apologies if it is, but I have a dentist appointment next week and I wondered if I need to inform him of my diagnosis? I can’t imagine it would make any difference to the Dentist, but thought I’d better check with people who know better than me, before I go!



Hi Sarah, actually it does make a difference. There was an article in a dental mag a few years back that pointed out that MS can affect teeth and gums. I always have inflamed gums that my dentist puts down to MS… so yes, it is worth telling your dentist, although of course you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

Pat x

Thanks Pat, that’s brilliant - exactly what I needed to hear. I will definitely tell him.


My dentist gets me to check my medical details every year when i go for checkup anyway just in case of any changes.

It is important to let them know and also about any medication you are taking. It may make a difference to how they can treat you. Best to be safe than sorry.