Hi all,

I had a dentist appointment yesterday to complete a root canal treatment that was started in December. I experienced no pain but did have to have two injections to numb me up. I felt fine all day yesterday but woke up today feeling awful. My body is so stiff and achy, and the on the way into work my left leg gave way and I had a bit of a fall (though managed to stop a total face plant by grabbing onto a window cill). I feel so tired and drained but trying to keep going at work.

I’ve never had any ill affects after the dentist before, but it seems too much of a coincidence to feel so bad the after the appointment, when I’ve been keeping well these last few months.

Has anyone else had a flare up of symptoms after the dentist?

Murraymint x

I have had the same,happen to me i now have adrenaline free injections when i have a local,and i never have a problem with those, ask your dentist about them.

J x

i get the tingles before a dentist.

my symptoms seems to be mostly, if not entirely, anxiety linked.

they are more or less gone immediately after my visit to ‘the chair’.

Not a flare-up of MS, no, but a peculiar reaction to the injection after I got up to leave - it was a panic attack without the panic. Swimmy head, disorientated, clammy, sweaty, legs a bit uncertain, but feeling quite calm, just a bit puzzled. I told the dentist who said not to worry, that would just be the adrenaline in the injecton and it would pass, which it did.