Walking Straight!

Hi all, hope your day is as good as it can be with this damned MS.

My reason for this message is that whenever I have an injection for a filling at the dentist my walking noticeably improves, i.e. I don’t even need my wheelchair! I mentioned this to my MS Nure on my last visit and she suggested asking on here if anyone else experienced the same thing. I await any replies with interest!!

i can’t comment on this as have no fillings…but i am very wobbly so maybe i should stop brushing! hope others can be more helpful and that you’re on to something xxx

The injection would probably be Novocaine, they use a similar local anasthetic called Lidocaine when doing a Lumbar Puncture/Spinal tap. Given it is a local anasthetic it shouldn’t be affecting you outside of the immediate area of the injection site, namely the mouth.

I haven’t had any dental work since I was diagnosed so I’m afraid I can’t comment on how it feels, but if that really was a side effect it would be a very strange one indeed.

I can’t say that having ingections improves my walking but my mum say’s that when I have had a few drinks I walk better

It’s funny you say that Raggamuffin the same has been said about me :-/

Hello ghanimah,that is an extraordinary thing that may mean something important to a researcher or somebody like that.As a silly suggestion maybe the site of the injection means the effects are acting on somewhere in your head where there is nastiness afoot.Maybe an injection anywhere on your head would have a similar effect.

I don’t like name dropping but Rizzo will have the best ideas about what is happening.I would be at the dentist every day, and eventually I’d be running there.I think you should try and document your experiences and maybe get the Dentist involved to find out where and what he injected.

As for booze + balance,the alcohol improves blood flow and well being, and it has been seen for years.It’s a thing to be enjoyed,and I used to have trouble getting to the third bottle.

Good luck everybody,

Wb x

i am trying out the alcohol theory - gonna streak up my road shortly! xxx

I walk “better” after drink, as well - i.e. the opposite way round to normies.

I can only assume dental anaesthetic works similarly - i.e. the relaxant properties relieve spasticity.


What an extraordinary post - I’ve never heard of anything like this! and quite honestly it sounds very far fetched.

I’ve don’t need injections when I go to the dentist as I don’t have any feeling when I have dental fillings etc.

I’m in a wheelchair and do not understand how one injection could possibly mitiigate the requirement for a wheelchair!

Its not April the 1st yet is it? Or a one tennis player used to say “you cannot be serious”

:-/ Mary

My guess would be adrenaline, but it could be rubbish! I can’t have injections with adrenaline because they make me faint. If they cause a reaction in me, then I can’t see why they wouldn’t cause different reactions in others. Karen x

When I have have had an injection at the dentist, I get light-headed and sweaty with a racing heart and I and can’t think straight for a little while after - a bit like a panic attack, but without the panic! After this had happened a couple of times, I asked the dentist and he said that will be the adrenaline in the injection. It is quite common, apparently. I wonder whether something similar is working on you? It is too bad the effect does not last (in your case, not mine).