Does this happen to anyone else??

Afternoon everyone, a quick question, since being diagnosid it appears that it’s only my mobility thats being effected, on any normal day I find walking very difficult indeed, impossible without crutches, constantly dragging my feet, unable to lift them off the floor, I’m knocking on the door of needing a wheelchair, however if I’ve had a few beers it’s increadble my walking becomes better, a lot better, I can lift my feet almost like it use to be. This isn’t a one off, it’s always same if I’ve had a few drinks, not drunk just a few.

Does this happen to anyone else, does anyone know why this happens??


Hi there Rich,no it’s not just you and it has been known for years that a ‘few scoops’ improve mobility amongst other things.I’m sure there are complex physiological reasons why,but the dilation of blood vessels and hence improved blood flow will suffice as a drinkers excuse.

I used to have trouble getting to the third bottle.



Exactly the same me. I presume a couple of glasses of wine that I mix with tonic water helps me relax which helps the symptoms. That what I think anyway.

Take care.

Shazzie xx

I struggle walking every day, need a mobility scooter when shopping and reallty hate stairs always using the hand rail to pull myself up stairs.

I have been told that I too walk better with a few beers inside me lol

Funny me too!!

Hi Rich, I find exactly the same thing - my walking ‘standard’ sounds slightly worse than yours, though if I have just one glass of wine or a G&T I see improvements in muscle control. Maybe because of blood flow or due to the fact that alcohol is a muscle relaxant, I’m not sure really,

Happy Easter, Jo

alcahol is supposed to increase confidence so mabe it has something to do with that

Me too, a couple of drinks improves my walking and balance, then about the fifth or sixth when everything gets worse again :wink:

Tracey x

Same here, I always hit a massive lull early evening, and a little tipple helps massively. On the negative side, too much can exacerbate the symtoms so it almost feels like a huge relapse the day after. Moderation I guess is the key. Sam