So, I had the dreaded head and spine MRI yesterday, and was very pleased with myself for actually managing NOT to squeeze the panic button (aided by a dose of diazepam ) then for the rest of the day felt great, almost started to believe that the worry and anxiety of the mri HAD contributed to the symptoms, the today …bam… Lead legs, numb face, exhaustion, feel so angry or no apparent reason and generally fed up… Does anyone have any idea how long will it will be till I get any sort of results?.

Hi, from my experience you ony get results at your next neuro appointment. When I got my appointment for my last MRI I rang immediately to make an appointment with neuro 3 weeks after the scan. I reckon though all hospitals/ consultants are different… Sorry to hear that you are having problems again, with neuro problems it is easy to become deflated.

Moyna x

Hi like most things, the follow up for your results, can take anything from a couple of weeks to a few months. Very unhelpful I know.

Try ringing the neuro`s secretary and ask.

luv Pollx

Hi, i rang the neuro secretary and i got appt in 4 weeks time. If you wait for a letter etc you could be waiting a long time…dont be shy, ring his/her secretary and book yourself in. But do give it at least 2-3 weeks as the radiologists aren’t quick with getting the report on the neuros desk LOL