hello everyone in msland, what, if anything, has affected you today in the legit strike, has the British world collapsed as the government said, even though, that now, they are claiming it’s a damp squib, the question I ask, does this strike cost the amount of money-the amount the government claimed-money we can’t afford, more, or less, than the money forked out for a wedding in the summer, a wedding that everyone was given as a holiday by this government, or will it be more than the cost of a diamond jubilee next year, for which, again no doubt, we will get a holiday from the cash strapped government, which will ask some of the strikers to work overtime to clean up the streets/parks etc after the parties, brian

The strike was not jsut about pensions but a protest about cuts to services and protest about the poorest bearing the greatest burden in cuts to welfare and services, tax credits, VAT hike, including the NHS being hived off in he Health and Social Care bill even as it goes through final H of L cttee stage whereas the crisis caused by banks which the public bailed out has not damaged them in the least or big business.

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Your comment is so true! I work for the NHS and feel it is my duty to join my striking colleagues as they have always being so supportive


Although you have made good comments, I crossed the picket lines.

My Department have been great with my MS. Having worked both public & private sector I can see the side of both arguments.

I guess it’s a personal choice.


Great post Corrie and great to see someone saying it as it is!

Before MS stopped me working I was a member of UNISON and today was wishing I was well enough to be out there supporting them.

Pat x