why the hell isnt the MS supporting the hardest hit campaign

The hardest hit is a organising lobbies in lots of towns on 22nd october. it is very important that as many people a possible go to make a big noise about the massive range of cuts which will have huge effects on the numbers of very disabled people who may either only have time limited ESA (one year) or not be given any support at all; the changes to DLA, which becomes PIP and our experiences with ESA show that assessments are geared to get people off the benefit. Claimants have to really wise up about the evidence they submit. We need to be shouting loud about the Welfare bill, now in its last House of Lords committee stage. THe more on the streets the better.

I asked the MS were they organising transport for those unable to use public transport. I live in London and the MS HQ is in Edgeware, London. The answer was a resounding NO - would be too difficult to organise across the country logistically. REally??

What the hell are they doing sitting on their hands when people with MS who are already physically suffering are losing the financial support many have paid into and all are entitled to if their disablility has progressed.

I was really asking for token coaches going to the rallies, especially in London which is the national centre. I know they would not probably be able to accommodate the numbers who apply for places but NOTHING! Why aren’t they campaigning hard on our behalf?! They are wishy-washy and conservative and no match for the likes of this vicious ConDem government. Makes me furious and I will seriously reconsider whether I give them any more donations.


Too busy with new and unneccessary web sites perhaps.

‘’ and no match for the likes of this vicious condem government ‘’

No they aint and the ones with the cushy jobs right at the top know they have to keep their heads down or they can very easily be replaced with more ‘co-operative’ people if the powers that be deem it .

Last time I phoned head office, the first thing they said was that funding had been cut !! And that really dominated every aspect of the conversation.

3.5 years until they can be voted out is our only real hope.


What is it with people making sweeping statements about the MSS recently?

I went to the last Hardest Hit march. There were almost more MSS staff there than there were MSers.

If you want to get mad at people, try shouting at MSers. Sure, some people won’t be able to go, but a hell of a lot more than were there last time could have.

Organise coaches? A mini bus and a people carrier would have been enough last time!

Yes, I went to the last march in London too. And yes, there appeared to be a lot of MS head office staff there. The only thing I was disgusted with was the fact that the health minister didn’t move from her office to respond to the marchers, and rather insultingly saw fit to tell the presss what she thought our issues were. Sickening.

So much for peaceful demonstration.

I was asked by my regional Unison branch if I would consider being interviewed for the local press. I am still thinking about that one. I think I probably should but am a bit daunted. An email about the rally from Unison was the first I knew about the campaign.