Hardest Hit March- Are you going?

Hello everyone,  have been reading the boards(new+old) for while  and this is my 1st post.hello


Just wondered who is going on the protest march on Saturday and where (which city)?

I am going to the one in Cardiff.thumbsup



helloand welcome

I am going to the one in London.


I went to the last one and would have been going again this time in London, but have tickets to the theatre that were booked months ago so can't!


You'll have to shout louder to make up for me happy2


Welcome to the site btw!


Karen x

Hi, Jess yes i am going to the hardest hit demo this saterday its on the hedrow of leeds city center i hope we get a really good turn out this government shouldnt be allowed to walk all over the dissabled without us letting our feelings known.

Good luck with yours Barbara.xx

I'll be at the Newcastle one.

Trying to get to the Madchester one -



Trying to get to the Madchester one -



Im going to the Leeds one.  Hope there is a good turnout.  Hands go up to attend the event, lets hope the weather doesnt put anyone off.  Its a very important cause as we shall all feel the effects eventually if cuts are made to our DLA.  Invisible disability especially will be hard to document and believe - meaning msers hardest hit perhaps.




Hello all and thanks for replies everyone!


Hoping for good weather for us all on the day (and hope rizzo has good time at theatre too!!!) Glad to see marches all over the country and not just in London as last one (which was in London) was quite hard to get to for me personally and sure was same/ impossible for others.


Be good to hear how everyone gets on! 



Hoping to get to Leeds, see ya there


i am going to London one.  A shambles of organisation - should have been easy to get MPs to attend in london.  No. has ken Livingstone  and peers like helena Kennedy, Tony Benn etc who i assume would be supportive but no - what a shambles and wasted opportunity.

And get this - I asked the MSS will they be providing T shirts and placards.  Well yes, a few but they have to be 'sensitive' to ohter charities who felt MSS had swamped it last time with their 'brand' ! Infuriating terrritorialism losing sight of the main purpose of the rally.


i am making some and i am pissed off!


Any suggestions for good slogans please?