Do we still have a nhs

I have ppms and still work 18 hrs a week. I have worked all my adult life and payed my taxes as many of you will share this story. I was under the impression that the nhs would be there for us when it was needed but was I wrong. I am on two medications for my ms, fampyra and ldn both of which I pay for myself a little over £200 per month. Do we have a nhs if so where is it.

Eric T So true, I asked about seeing an ms nurse at my local hospital, position terminated, will help someone only if they are in crisis. Sorry to hear you have to foot the bill for meds, worrying, I am just about to start insisting on some meds, but that sum would be prohibitive at the moment. Paul

I’m sorry to hear about your unneccessary expenses Eric. I am now convinced that the NHS has become a victim of the old East European communist regime mentality. The higher your poition, the less work you do. This is accompanied by a similar attitude from those lower in the pecking order who think “if tey’re not doing much then I’m going to do as little as possible”. In my capacity as an in and out-patient ho has had many visits to hospital, together with personal friendships with various doctors and nurses, plus knowing how many white elephants (costing the odd million or two) have sailed across the bows of over-ambitious glory hunting PCT administratiors, (long sentence, take a breath), I can honestly say that the NHS is little more than a shadow. I feel sorry for the hard working generous souls who really care. In answer to your question-it’s an emphatic yes. This is where the value of the individual is far greater than the sum of its parts.

Best wishes, Steve.

The Old Etonian Party has been trying to destroy the NHS ever since they voted against it in 1948. A far bigger threat is looming privatisation methinks.

In The Observer today!

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I’d willingly pay for Fampridine just to try the damn thing, M

I’m just completing my 3rd month of Famprya and doing well! I had the first month free then pay £230 per month! My local paper has picked up my story.Now the MS. society is looking into why its not available to all? They are looking into Sativex, frampridine and Botox? HellMS you could ask your consultant if you can try the free month? I knew after one week there was improvement in my walking!

I make sure I see my neurologist about every six months or thereabouts, when we review medication together. Can’t imagine why you want to pay for LDN; it’s not always appropriate for MS and none of my doctors have ever recommended that drug, which I understand is primarily for treating drug addition. Ask your neurologist.