Day Centres for severely disabled

Hi all

My hubby has PPMS and as the illness progresses he can do less and less for himself.

He has carers 4 times a day but he is asking if he can go to a day centre at least twice a week.

I have spoken to someone just yesterday at Social Services and she tells me as he is so dependant on others that there is nowhere that can take him. She suggests maybe getting someone to take him out for an hour…I really dont think street walking is what we both want and that’s dependant on good weather.

I know people would have to do most things for him but just the interaction with people is good for his mental stability as his memory is a big issue right now.

Is this really true? I am sure there are places around with suitable nursing care as well day centre.

Maybe I am just so wrong. What do you think?


I have no experience of this at all but I wonder if the carers association ( might have some info.

The other thought that I had was to do with direct payments. Perhaps your husband would be able to cope at a standard day centre if he had someone with him. We used to have someone come to my MS chat group who was brought by a helper paid for by direct payments.

As you already get carers coming in daily you must have had a social services assessment already but it sounds as though your husbands needs have changed somewhat. You got the brush off on the phone but a direct contact might be more willing to think outside the box. You need a home visit.

Unfortunately in this era of public spending cuts it is not going to be easy to find a solution to your problem via public services - what about charitable organisations - try the


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Is there an MS Group close to you? We have one that I go to every Tuesday, a few of us are confined to wheelchairs and a carer/pa brings and stays with them, some are dropped off and picked up by their spouses land sometimes the spouses stay as well. It isn’t very exciting but I like it and so might your hubby. I started going last year when I stopped working it’s good and informative to be with people who face the same problems you do.

Best wishes

Jan x

PS Ditto everything Jane said.

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Hi,I`ve been going to a Scope day centre. There are adults with all kinds of disability, including MS. The majority of us are full time wheelchair users and do need help with toileting and feeding and doing activities. We are all there following recommendation from a social worker. I pay with Direct Payments. There is a range of cost depending what level of help is needed. All the staff are fully trained and very caring and kind.

Best ask your social services for an assessment and list of suitable day centres.


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Still looking

Does your GP or maybe the community OT/physio know of anywhere?

Maybe there are local charities near you that have drop in meetings, which isn’t exactly day care, but would be a change of company for him.

Have you searched online for anything locally that might go some way to fitting the bill.

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Thanks everyone.

We went to see a day centre yesterday but hubby is 52 and the people who work there thought hubby would be to young as their youngest is 62. He however did not mind the age gap. I thought they didnt seem active enough there for him. They did also state he would need 1 on 1 help. Social services now involved so fingers crossed they can think of something.