Carer to take hubby to gym

Good Morning all,

My husband who has PPMS goes to the gym every Tuesday and I used to take him but I work that day now.

Is it easy to find someone to take him there for 1 1/2 hours he would love to go but he couldnt do it alone… What do you do?



Hi Caz, I have 2 carers who take me out/swimming. But youve already said that you cant afford Direct Payments (I think, sorry if I`ve got that wrong).

Do you have a good, fit friend who could take your hubby to the gym?

There should be instructors there who would supervise his training. So that just leaves transport issues, yeh?

luv Pollx

Caz, Just a thought - at our local doctors - they have a list of voluntary drivers who will drive patients to the GP/Hospital appointments etc - they charge so much a mile. l wondered if they would come and escourt your hubby to the gym - Ring the receptionist at your medical centre and see if they have a list of drivers. The gym might also help by meeting him when he arrives and helping him into the centre. Don’t be frightened to ask for help!


Hi All,

He can use his Taxicard Bluebadge for the journey there and back but I know he would need help getting out of the home in his wheelchair so I guess a carer is a better idea…Most of our friends and family will be at work when he is going. And it is for people with MS.