david byrne

my husband and his mate have just been to see david byrne in manchester.

now i have talking heads songs on a loop in my head,

“i’m wicked and i’m lazy…”

so many good bands, go see them whilst they’re still around.


‘There’s a million ways to get things done; there’s a million ways to make things work out.’

Good plan for dealing with a life with MS, come to think of it!



Can’t seem to face up to the facts

I’m tense and nervous - can’t relax

Can’t sleep - bed’s on fire

Don’t touch me, I’m only a live wire


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God, that gave me a fright. Too many deaths lately. Next time could you add - ‘still alive’ to the title?

‘And you may find yourself, living in a shotgun shack … and you may say to yourself, how did I get here?’


this is not my beautiful wife, this is not my beautiful house…

carole x

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… same as it ever was


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talented man!

So, so amazingly talented.

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“Road to Nowhere”!

Freezing feet. Nerves are shot I guess. 20mg Amitriptyline, Alpaca socks, Heat Holders. “What’s the story” !

Rather What’s the solution?


my feet constantly burn.

hubby’s are always frozen.

we lie back to back with soles of feet together, hissssss!!!

wheat packs that can be heated in the microwave are excellent but difficult to keep in place, i get a lot of stiff necks and have one that drapes around my neck.

hope you find something that works for you.

I LOVE Psycho Killer and many more, a very talented man x

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was just a LITTLle jealous!!

Tina Weymouth was the best thing about Talking Heads… none of it would have happened without her.

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