Simple, but effective, way of explaining some of our symptoms.


I expect that all the food was tasteless or had peculiar smells and that there was a constant whine, like mosquitoes. All the smooth surfaces should feel like sandpaper and all the rough ones have no grip. Just another day in Paradise.

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Thanks Derek, very interesting indeed. All people who work for NICE or represent NICE & Government, should have to experience this, and more obstacles to gain understanding of our plight.

A brilliant way to give insight to non M.S. people. I’d like to think more MSunderstood Cafe’s will be available in more locations. It’s a great way for our family & friends to experience constant obstacles.

A.D suggests food, white noise & surfaces. Add incorrect change, move coats or other belongings to a different area? Drink sufficiently to fill the bladder but no access to the toilets except to use the key kept in the till. Hmmm, maybe that last suggestion is a bit too far.I

Chrissie x

Not in the slightest. I was in a pub, just like that, last Monday.

And I had to take the key all the way back to the bar afterwards!

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Interesting indeed Derek, I think anything which increases awareness without bleating on about it must be useful. I once did an autism awareness course and we had to wear distorting spectacles, be subjected to lots of white noise and wear 1 mitten whilst trying to listen to instructions and carry out simple tasks.

It was pretty stressful and very frustrating but did give glimpses to understand a bit about what might cause certain behaviours.

If all we experience is good health and a fully functioning mind and body we can not be expected to perceive things from a different perspective.

This makes me slightly less judgmental when some idiot able bodied person behaves thoughtlessly… they are still an idiot but I try to cut them a bit of slack. (although if they catch me at the “wrong” time I still let go with both barrels… in my head at least.)


I can see the point, and it can only be a good idea, but at the same time I feel sorry for anyone with MS that wandered in unknowingly!