Dating with MS

Hello all I feel that there is a big gap in the market for a MS dating website, I would like to meet somebody to share my travelling adventures with but feel awkward stating dating somebody new, when/how to explain my MS ,I am luckly as its not visable for the most of the year. Meeting somebody like me, fully mobile and “normal” :smiley: on the outside would be great. Does anybody know if there is a site? if not I could build one for all to use? What do you think? Jayne

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It’s funny. I have been unwell for years. brought up three children alone more or less…and now they are all 18 and over I am looking at going to uni in 2013. The access course I have been on was unfortunately not disability friendly and I have had an unpleasant time however I pushed on through and hopefully will pass in around 8 weeks. What I am hoping for in the future is to try and be able to mix but it’s tough when you feel so ill. I do use a wheelchair and do need help but sometimes can look quite ‘normal’…whatever that is when I am at home and accustomed to my environment. So it would be good to be able to chat to people on here because like others socialising is hard and tbh being a wheelchair user and feeling so ill makessocialising hard…I guess you all understand :slight_smile:

Exactly as I see it, and have done all along. Mostly/mainly invisible ms,so it’s no-one’s business.


Hi Marcus

Ha. My ex wife was married too.

It didn’t make a blind bit of difference to her!


I wish the Profiles of ALL users displayed age, location and gender, like it used to. It’d be a lot easier to find compatible friends.


Hi Mark - I didn’t mean to offend. I got MS after marriage but it was good to be able to dance when now I need support (and sometimes use a wheel chair) - I don’t know what I would have done when I was courting but I had thought that a website would have boosted my confidence if I had developed MS before marriage?

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Further to Jayne’s post, I thought how relevant it is to where I’m at currently.

Having had MS for some 28 years, and still wanting relationships, warmth and sharing, have found and am using a off-line introduction agency that is quite excellent - with integrity, safe and discerning, and recognising my ‘disability’ for its positive aspects.

If anyone wants to know a bit more about this, send me a message/questions.


Hi I was diagnosed 4 years ago and met my partner via 18 mnths ago. It doesn’t matter where you find the right person. All that matters is that you don’t let MS stop you from dating. The right man/woman will accept you for who you are and not see a disability.

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Mel xx

I am happy to date with non-msers and like others above will only disclose if we start getting close. That’s part of being close to someone is accepting and understanding things about each other. But it’s individual and if someone feels more comfortable dating with msers than it’s a great idea! The only down side for some would be that there will be a lot more women than men. Well I guess that would be a pro for men and bi/gay girls!

I made what turned out to be a mistake by telling my girlfriend at the time (of whom I proposed to and was accepted) I had MS but, when the time happened of relapse, she turned her back on me and ran away, physically and metaphorically. To make matters more offensive, she was a nurse of over thirty years! [Email address removed by Moderator]