Dating with MS

This is my 1st post but need some help. After 3 failed relationships over the years each ending with my MS being used as the reason does anybody know of a dating website for people with MS. I assume I might not be the only one but personally I would like to have a relationship with somebody who knows the daily struggles with this condition. Couple from Mr Google…

I know how you feel and just because we have MS doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t or couldn’t have relationships so this will be interesting to see what other members can suggest, if anything.

My partner and I met online and we still together 7 years on. It was a dating website, not one specifically for disabled or even for people with MS. We both have different disabilities and that made us aware neither of us was mr/miss perfect.

Stick with it, you are more than the MS. Try to focus not so much on the dating and more on the socialising - the rest will come. Internet dating is a long game and there are plenty of dweebs so don’t get down