l was reminded, by a friend with MS, about D-Phenylalanine. She was recommended to take it with LDN. l googled D-Phenylalanine and MS and found it is a very beneficial supplement to help boost endorphins - like LDN. lt helps control pain - especially fybromyaligia. lts best taken in the morning with a high dose B12. If you took it at night you would be too alert to sleep.

lt can take a couple of weeks before you notice a difference. And l did read that it can cause constipation. So it suits me!

l am all for trying to keep all meds as natural as possible. As most prescription drugs cause me such dreadful side-effects.

Has anyone else heard of it - or tried it?

I did try DL-Phenylalanine a few years ago (2x500mg), because it is supposed to keep your endorphins up throughout the day and smooth out any peaks and lows from taking ldn, but it didn’t really make any difference. No harm in trying, unless you are pregnant or have high blood pressure.

Whammel - l have started taking it again. And in a couple of days it has made a big difference to my very over active bowels - l know -Too much info.

Brilliant news and just goes to show that nothing ever works, unless you actually try it.