Are you on LDN ?

l have been taking - LDN - for about 3yrs - and l find it very beneficial. l have been reading about natural pain-killers

-anti-inflammatories [actually, for my young dog who has arthritis] And found something called D-Phenylalanine -

so l googled it and low and behold it is recommended by the ldn research people as a very good addition to LDN.

So, l have ordered some from iherb - for me and the dog!!!

As it is we take the same omega3 glucosamine/co-q-10 - and Roxy’s food is high in vitd3. So lets hope we shall both stop 'limping’have - shining hair - and ‘wet’ noses. l might still chase the postman though!!

Just thought l would share this with you - so do look up D-Phenylalanine and see what you think.