DLPA has anyone used this

been to a health shop today and was told that this could be helpful in pain releif i am a little scepticle with health shop remedies but she said it was well known and lots of people use it would appreciate it if anyone knew anything about this xx having problems with weight gain on pregabalin and am willing to try anything xx

Hi there!

In two years of trying different pain meds (all unsuccessfully) no-one has even mentioned DLPA, so I’m afraid I haven’t tried this …yet!!

I’ve just been reading up on this and as well as wanting to at least try this out, it makes me bl**dy angry that a host of ‘medical professionals’ failed to even mention it !!

(…and it may well help my mother who suffers from severw arthritis in her hands?)

Thank you so much for querying this and so sorry to not being able to relate personal experience so far!

All the best for now, good luck, and rest assured I’ll be trying this and reporting back as soon as I can,


Hi, just had a quick google…it`s in proteins we eat. Extra amounts are non toxic, the blurb says.

Why haven`t we heard more about this?

luv Pollx

I take ldn and tried DL-Phenylalanine a few years ago, as it was supposed to help smooth out the endorphin peak and maintain energy levels throughout the day. The difference was only subtle at best, so stopped after a while.

No idea about pain, but nothing to lose by trying it out, unless you are pregnant, or have high blood pressure.

thanks for replying you guys think i may have a try like you say not been mentioned before so think i will Google a little more first can’t see it doing any harm to be honest anything is worth a try xxx

I have been using DLPA for 2 years or so after reading about it on this board. I wanted to find something natural that would help the nerve pain that I get on and off in my arm. Tried prescription meds but couldnt stand the side affects so even though I was a bit sceptical after doing my homework thought I havent got anything to lose and took the plunge. Glad that I did because it has helped loads not taking it away completely but definately taking away the edge and the added benefit of a bit more energy thrown in as well.

Give it a go its worth a try!

DLPA Update

Hi again folks!

I’ve now been trying DLPA at between 500mg (1 capsule) and 1000mg (2 capsules) for last 3 weeks and sadly, there has been no benefit at all - and the higher dose has only increased my dizziness to the point where I can barely walk around the flat without bouncing off the walls

So, yet another ‘medication’ (now tried 14 different ones) that doesn’t work for me - back to the drawing board …again!!

(PS: I’m almost relieved that my Mother refused to even try this. I just wish she’d talk to her GP about arthritic pain and what - if anything - may help her?)