LDN and pregabalin


Does anyone out there take both LDN and pregabalin? Am thinking about trying LDN.

Thank you



How are you with the pregabalin? I am about to start on it, but am a bit wary as have heard it can cause nasty side effects.

i`m not on LDN.


You can’t take ldn and opiates together, but pretty much everything else is ok.

Thanks Whammel, will steer clear of opiates .


I’ve been on pregabalin for quite a few months now. The only side effects I had was an itchy scalp for about 2 months and tiredness in the middle of the day. I’m fine now, tiredness gone and flake free .

Hope you get on ok with it Poll.



Hi again,

I been trying to find out how I can get a prescription for LDN. GP won’t prescribe it at the mo but has said if I do try it and find some benefits he will. Can someone please advise me?

Thank you



hiya oonagh

search e-med (thats where i get my script)

someone might be more specific but hope that helps meantime


Thank you Ellie, just had a look. Just need to ring GP now to get them to send confimation letter. Just keeping my fingers crossed that it helps in some way…also off to get some DL-Phenylalanine tomorrow.

Thanks again Ellie



You probably know this already, but it’s a good idea to start on liquid ldn and slowly build up the dose, as you tolerate the stuff.

Lots of decent information on this site.

Hoping to start LDN. Read and heard lots of positive information. GP won’t prescribe as ‘red flag’ means it has to be my consultant if I want an NHS prescription. Will see how open minded he is… If not, there are other ways. Above link very useful too - thanks.

There’s a pack you can print on the trusts website to discuss with your GP :slight_smile:

My GP seemed torn between a yes and no, so I agreed to go private - I told my MS physio about it and given the good effects she recommended I get my gastrenterologist to prescribe it! So I’m going to write to him, i that’s no go then I’ll write to neuro :slight_smile:

My GP didn’t say a flat no, so I will go back to him if I need to but not breaking the bank either! Thought I’d stick wth the private for now as it kind of gives walking advert for it… I was seriously underweight with tummy troubles giving me hell before I started it. Considering a couple of months ago I was dx with likely PPMS, I’m looking pretty well :slight_smile: One way or the other I’m sure I’ll get a prescription on that basis

Sonia x